Wilma Rodrigues

Founder and CEO, Saahas Zero Waste

Wilma Rodrigues is the founder and CEO of Saahas Zero Waste (SZW), a social enterprise that provides end-to-end waste management. Wilma was fresh out of college and had joined the Department of Tourism as a German speaking tour guide. Although, traveling extensively across the country and showcasing India, its culture, monuments and people to visitors is something that she enjoyed doing, it also acquainted her with incredible ugliness on its streets in the form of garbage strewn around with nobody seeming to care. Even though, the issue stayed with her for several years, she kept postponing her involvement and desire to be a solution provider for this mounting crisis.

Wilma also had a brief stint as a journalist who worked for several years with the Times of India group and Business World Magazine in Mumbai before she moved to Bengaluru and started NGO Saahas in 2001 when her journey tackling the issues of waste actually began. SZW was incorporated as a separate private entity in 2013 and has a business model evolved from NGO Saahas. SZW today manages 45 tonnes of waste across the country. The focus of SZW is on implementing zero waste campuses for bulk waste generators. The company has also partnered with packaging companies to develop and implement a reverse logistics mechanism which collects different types of waste streams from multiple collection partners, aggregates and dispatches to same to various recyclers.