Co-Founder And Chief Financial Officer, Mountain Hazelnuts

Teresa Law is co-founder and CFO of Mountain Hazelnuts (MH), a for-profit impact venture in Bhutan.

MH is planting 10 million hazelnut trees on degraded mountainsides, doubling the income of many thousands of subsistence farmers. In a unique public-private-community partnership in this Himalayan kingdom, MH is providing a sustainable income for up to 15% of the nation while rehabilitating fragile ecosystems and sequestering millions of tonnes of CO2 equiv.

As Bhutan’s largest private sector employer with almost half of the employees being women, MH creates wide-ranging developmental impacts in vulnerable communities. MH business partners include the IFC, Asian Development Bank, and UNCCD via the Land Degradation Neutrality Fund (LDNF). Previously, Law was an international banker for two decades in the USA and Asia. Law received an MBA from Columbia Business School.