Tendai Pasipanodya

Director, Endeva

Tendai Pasipanodya is a Director at Endeva with 15 years of experience finding innovative ways to tackle development challenges in low- and middle-income countries. Currently, her work at Endeva focuses on building partnerships around SMEs that are successfully tackling the SDGs. Her work follows a systems change approach which involves creating dynamic partnerships that link small and growing business with corporate partners and donors.

Her approach often includes innovations such as the sensible use of tech, circular thinking and retro-innovation. Tendai has designed, implemented and analyzed a wide range of projects in various sectors including agri-processing, circular economy, aerospace mobility, waste and additive manufacturing.

She previously ran the West Africa office of Youth Employment Network (YEN), a former inter-agency initiative of the World Bank, ILO and UN and served as a Youth Employment Expert for the ILO. Tendai enjoys thinking creatively and critically about her work and challenging assumptions to find scalable solutions to tackling poverty.