Log in here for the BCtA Annual Forum

    If you haven’t already signed up, now is your chance in these easy steps!

    Follow the steps below for smooth and easy access to our virtual forum platform.

    STEP 1: Register with your email (if you have already registered, go directly to step 2)

    1. Click here https://bctaforum.ichair.org/preregistration 
    2. Once you register move on to Step 2!

    STEP 2: Create your password and profile (if you have already created a password and profile, go directly to step 3)

    1. Click here https://bctaforum.ichair.org/checkin
    2. Enter your e-mail address
    3. Complete your profile and set a password
    4. You are all set to enjoy the BCtA Annual Forum on Thursday, Sept. 24!

    STEP 3: On the day of the Annual Forum 

    1. Access the event here: https://bctaforum.ichair.org/login
    2. Enter your e-mail address and password
    3. You’re in!

    STEP 4: Make the most of the virtual platform

    Once you are inside, take a couple of minutes to explore the easy-to-use platform.

    Have a look at the main stage sessions and browse through the lounge program.

    The ‘+’ sign on each session allows you to expand the box for a detailed description of the session.

    Create your program
    “Star” your favourite sessions to be sure that you do not miss them. These will then show up under the “My Program” section on the left-side menu as your own customized event program! All timings on the platform are in your local time zone.

    Network and connect 1-to-1 
    Find the “Networking” tab on the left-side menu and skim through the participant list.

    Based on the tags you selected when creating your profile, you will see suggestions for potential relevant connections. Or, simply switch to “All Participants” to see who is online and start engaging with fellow participants and speakers!

    Help Desk:

    If you have any questions, contact us at bcta@undp.org.

    The “Live Help Desk” will also be open throughout the day of the event for technical support.

    We look forward to welcoming you on Thursday, Sept. 24!