Todd Khozein

    Todd Khozein is the Founder and Co-CEO of SecondMuse, an impact and innovation company building resilient economies by supporting entrepreneurs and the ecosystems around them. Under his leadership, the company has designed and implemented programs on all 7 continents with over 600 organizations such as NASA, The World Bank, Nike, USAID, The World Health Organization, and The Rockefeller Foundation. The company is a manifestation of Todd’s impassioned belief that economic and social systems can be built inclusively and not at the expense of human dignity or the health of the planet.

    To test his theories and gain a deeper understanding of how to build and execute better systems, Todd earned a medical degree from the University of New Mexico, spent years developing a range of businesses, and co-founded SecondMuse in 2008. He’s proud to serve on the Board of Directors of TechSoup Global and The Circulate Initiative.

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