Mohammed Almoghayer

    Mohammed Almoghayer is a Senior Partnership Advisor with the United Nations Development Programme. In this capacity, he provides programme support and policy formulation on partnership development issues and technical oversight for UNDP’s multi-stakeholder initiatives, including for BCtA.

    He has significant experience in development, resource mobilization and programme design in the area of private sector in development and Islamic finance for early recovery activities in Somalia, Kenya, Jordan, Palestine, South Africa and Libya. He has also designed and implemented a successful targeted corporate outreach strategy that increased the number of non-traditional donors, including private sector companies from financial services, trade unions, telecom companies, airlines and the pharmaceutical and manufacturing sector.

    Mohammed has worked as a Research Fellow at Harvard University’s Center of Middle Eastern Studies and has served as Partnership and Policy Advisor to the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs and Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

    He has provided strategic support and capacity building training on private partnership development, positioning, messaging, advocacy and corporate identity for several European parliaments, the US Congress and for UN leadership in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

    He holds a master’s degree in International Political Economy and Development and a PhD in Development Studies from Erasmus Rotterdam University and Columbia University.

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