Mohammed Almoghayer

    Mohammed Almoghayer (The Netherlands) is a Senior Partnership Advisor with UNDP, currently serving multi programmes and offices ranging UNDP Finance Sector Hub in NY, UNDP Libya, UNDP Jordan, Istanbul-based Business Call to Action and the Geneva-based Connecting Business initiative.

    Previously, he has worked as Research Fellow at Harvard University, the Center of Middle Eastern Studies. He worked and provided strategic advice to the Dutch and Norwegian Ministries of Foreign Affairs. Mr. Almoghayer has also provided capacity building related training and support on partnership development, strategic positioning, messaging, advocacy and corporate identity for several European parliaments, the US Congress and the UN in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Through UNDP-OCHA, he has trained over 50,000 private sector companies engaged in disaster management, reduction and response. He is Deputy Head of the Board of UN Social 500 and co-founder of Richtopia’s list of top 100 Leaders from Multilateral Organizations.

    Mr. Almogahyer has a PhD in Development from Erasmus University Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Columbia University (US) and is engaged in advancing the role of private sector in development, SDG impact measurement and the Humanitarian-Development Nexus in crises settings where he provided support to several countries, including Sri Lanka, Vanuatu, Haiti, Mexico, Kenya, Somalia and Philippines.

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