Lucky Dissanayake

    Lucky Dissanayake is an entrepreneur focused on renewable energy and sustainable development in emerging markets. Previously she had a corporate career in the media – in TV, newspapers, magazines and books. Her interest in energy and renewables was as a result of publishing Paul Brown’s critically acclaimed book in 2006 – Global Warning; the Last Chance for Change.

    Lucky founded Biomass Group. Sri Lanka and was chosen to demonstrate Biomass Group’s business model, by developing the country’s abundant biomass resources in a holistic way. Biomass Supplies (a wholly owned subsidiary) commenced operations in Sri Lanka in 2013. The agro-energy business focus is on Gliricidia Sepium, a rapidly growing, short-rotation tree that is found growing wild throughout Sri Lanka. Biomass Group encourages smallholder farmers (the majority of its connections is with the women of the household) and other supply partners to plant a triple fence of Gliricidia tree around their land as well as intercropped with existing cash crops. In the process aggregating millions of tons of biomass that is deforestation-free (Gliricidia branches) for local industry and exports. The main trunk and roots remain and act as a carbon sink. Lucky has championed the employment of women with few skills in rural areas. Biomass Supplies works at the village and home garden level, targeting specifically women. In 2019, She won the GGEF Eco Game Changer Gold Award.

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