Diana Carolina Quintero

    Diana is a business professional passionate about unleashing entrepreneurship power for building sustainable solutions for the most pressing social challenges, especially in access to healthcare and rural development.

    Diana cofounded Bive, a social enterprise facilitating access to high-quality healthcare services for 21,000 low-income rural people by connecting them with affordable private healthcare providers and delivering health education, prevention, and early diagnosis services closer to rural communities.

    She has volunteered with several organizations that promote social business philosophy, social innovation and entrepreneurship among young people, such as The Grameen Creative Lab, Yunus Social Business and Global Shapers Community at the World Economic Forum. Additionally, she served as a consultant for local NGOs, helping them create sustainable business models. After eight years leading her social organization, Diana moved to Malawi to work as Community Health Manager at mothers2mothers (m2m), an international NGO that empowers low-income women living with HIV to eradicate mother to child transmission in Africa, where she led organizational development and innovation projects and coordinated a partnership between m2m and the Ministry of Health to support the implementation of the National Community Health Strategy.

    Currently, she is a Rotary Peace Fellow and a graduate student in the Masters of International Development Policy at Duke University, where her focus is on how to scale up evidenced-based health innovations for the policy sphere and how to build public-private partnerships to move forward the 2030 agenda.