Camilo Gonzalez

    Camilo Gonzalez is the Public Affairs & Advocacy Manager at Sanofi Colombia. His main duties are to engage key stakeholders in the different initiatives for Colombia; guarantee a successful deployment of the strategic & communication plan, stakeholder engagement plan and advocacy activities about diabetes, dyslipidemia, high blood pressure obesity and mental health. Camilo is a medical doctor from the Universidad Industrial de Santander and holds an MSc. in Business Administration from Universidad Santo Tomás, Colombia. He also has studies in Health Economics from Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Data Management in Universidad de los Andes and fundraising in Universidad de La Sabana in Bogotá.

    Camilo has developed his career within the private insurance sector, where he served as Medical Director at Allianz and Axa- Colombia. He has also had responsibilities in the area of medical device marketing, IT consulting and in the generic drug industry in Latin America. Camilo leads the inclusive business initiative, part of Sanofi Colombia’s commitment with BCtA, of a project aimed at expanding the access to quality products and services for diabetes care to patients belonging to a public insurance segment that serves people with low or no income.

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