Ron Hartman

Director, Global Engagement, Partnerships and Resource Mobilization, International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

In his current role, Ron Hartman is responsible for leading IFAD’s global engagement and multilateral relations including with the private sector; IFAD’s south-south and triangular cooperation agenda; and replenishment, resource mobilization and funds management. Prior to this, he served as IFAD Country Director and Representative at its South East Asia and the Pacific subregional office in Indonesia. Additionally, he was IFAD’s Country Programme Manager (Nepal, Pacific Islands, Thailand) and Portfolio/ Operations Advisor in the Asia and Pacific region. He also served UNOPS as a Portfolio Manager based in Thailand. Prior to joining the United Nations in 2003, he held management positions in both public and private sector, most recently in investment banking and fund management. With over 24 years of professional experience, including over 15 years with the United Nations, he has specialized knowledge in promoting sustainable socio-economic development and poverty reduction, public policy, public and private investment, and partnerships.