Chief Cashew Officer, YYTZ Agro-Processing

Fahad Awadh is a young entrepreneur from Tanzania. He is the founder of YYTZ Agro-Processing; they are building an inclusive cashew nut value chain by working with rural cashew farmers and women processing groups to help them add value to their own crop and earn more income. YYTZ provides access to automatic shelling machines and GAP, food safety training and financial literacy training for farmers.

By integrating them in the cashew value chain, the farmers are able to earn more from their crop. YYTZ has developed the first packs of fully traceable cashews using blockchain technology. Using technology they are able to create more value at the rural level for cashew farmers and bring transparency to the cashew nut. By empowering farmers, YYTZ can help alleviate poverty in rural Tanzania. Fahad is passionate about enabling young Africans to add value and create finished products; ensuring that value remains in Africa.