Diana Carolina Quintera Giraldo

Diana Carolina Quintero Giraldo has 9 years of experience in social entrepreneurship. She earned a Bachelor´s of Business Administration and a PGDM in Corporate Finance from the National University of Colombia. She founded and served as Ceo of a social business for improving healthcare access for rural communities in Colombia, which currently serves 21,000 people.

She has volunteered with several organizations that promote Muhammad Yunus’ social business philosophy, social innovation and entrepreneurship among young people, and for local NGOs, helping them create sustainable business models.

Recently, Diana joined Mothers2Mothers’s Team in Malawi, an international NGO that empowers low-income women living with HIV for eradicating mothers to child transmission of HIV in Africa, where she is focused in social innovation, growth strategy and health policy. She enjoys focusing on the topics of healthcare access and rural development and has a strong passion for the implications of emergent technology in closing social gaps.