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Emerging Models, Collaboration and Innovation

9th Business Call to Action Forum | September 27, 2019 | Japan Society, New York City

Event on the margins of the 74th Regular Session of the United Nations General Assembly

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Welcome to the 9th Business Call to Action Annual Forum

Over the past 10 years, Business Call to Action (BCtA) and its members have been advancing inclusive business models that improve lives and contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), helping to change the perception of private sector’s role in tackling the greatest issues of our time. As we look to the future, this is the ideal moment to kickstart a discussion among inclusive business actors and thought leaders on how we can shape inclusive business and accelerate progress toward the SDGs.

BCtA’s 9th Annual Forum, “Inclusive Business: Emerging Models, Collaboration and Innovation,” aims to spur ideation among inclusive and impactful business with real-world examples of business models that accelerate the achievement of the SDGs. We will look at how businesses are seizing the opportunities to grow and develop while generating the significant societal and environmental benefits that their customers, investors and the global community value.

Business leaders, from SMEs to multinationals, will discuss emerging business models and solutions to address the world’s most pressing environmental and social challenges. The forum audience will comprise of business leaders, policy makers, governments, the UN and other ecosystem actors.

We look forward to seeing you in New York!

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the Speakers

Pritha Dutt
Empower Pragati
Ting Shih
Rabayl Mirza
Business Call to Action
Justine Humbert
L'Occitane en Provence
Nazila Vali
Business Call to Action, UNDP
Fahad Awadh
YYTZ Agro-Processing
Teresa Law
Mountain Hazelnuts
Wilma Rodrigues
Saahas Zero Waste
Juliette Lampoh Agroh
Northern Ghana Shea
Gamze Cizreli
BigChefs Cafe & Brasserie
Marcela Arango
Crepes & Waffles
Ali Shariat
Coconut Merchant
Simone Pisu
Sutainable Fishery Trade
Suvankar Mishra
Blooom International, AG
Amb. Frederique de Man
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands

the programme

    • 08:30 - 09:00 Breakfast & Registration
    • 9:00 - 9:10 - Welcome Sahba Sobhani, ad interim Head of Business Call to Action and UNDP Global Programme Advisor, Private Sector
    • 9:10 - 9:20 - Welcome Remarks Ulrika Modéer, UNDP Assistant Administrator and Director of the Bureau of External Relations and Advocacy
    • 9:20 - 10:10 - Panel 1 Shaping the Future of Inclusive Business

      This session will discuss emerging models in Inclusive Business looking at innovation and collaboration. The panelists will share their experience in driving inclusive and sustainable business growth and will explore some of the practical and innovative ways in which the private sector can accelerate their contributions to the SDGs through a spectrum of approaches.

      • Ambassador Frederique de Man, Deputy Permanent Representative of the Netherlands to the United Nations in New York
      • Diana Carolina Quintero Giraldo, Cofounder – Bive
      • Gamze Cizreli, Founder - Big Chefs
      • Fahad Awadh, Chief Cashew Officer - YYTZ Agro-Processing

      Moderated by Alex Ossola, Deputy Special Projects editor at Quartz

    • 10:10 - 11:00 - Panel 2 Driving Inclusive Business Thinking

      Through their reach and their innovative business approaches, firms have the ability to transform low-income markets and help lift millions – even billions – out of poverty. But to achieve inclusive business (IB) growth and scale, companies not only need to have the right products, services, and business models, but also the appropriate management practices, the appropriate thinking.
      During this panel, Business Call to Action will launch its latest publication and accompanying assessment tool to provide inclusive business practitioners -- particularly in multinational corporations -- guidance on how to bolster internal management practices to spur change, scale IB initiatives, and improve business performance across all areas of inclusive business. Inclusive business leaders from health, consumer goods, and financial services sectors will delve into how MNCs are driving inclusive business internally and tackling the most pressing issues of our time.

      • Anurag Hans, VP Base of Pyramid Innovation & Market Acceleration - Essilor
      • Justine Humbert, Specialist Biodiversity and Sustainable Ingredients - L’OCCITANE
      • Rodrigo Cabrera Lievano, CEO - Crepes and Waffle
      • Eva-Maria Baumer - Vice President Corporate Engagement, Office of the Vice Chairman - Mastercard

      Moderated by Nazila Vali, Deputy Team Lead Partnerships, Knowledge and Country Support - Business Call to Action

    • 11:00 - 11:20 Networking Break
    • 11:20 – 12:40 | Track 1 | Sky Room Agritech and Inclusive Business: Harnessing Tech for the Future of Food

      While digital technology has a role to play in every industry, the future of food requires that more of the world’s hundreds of millions of smallholder farmers and fishers are engaged while using fewer of the world’s overtaxed resources, carving out a particularly critical space in the food industry for technology’s transformative power. This session will look at how businesses in the Agriculture, Food & Beverage sector are harnessing technology for sustainable and inclusive agriculture and fishing. We’ll explore how companies are using digital technologies to manage long-term risks and find opportunities to grow and develop their business while generating the social and environmental benefits that their customers, investors and the global community demand.

      Spotlight presentations from:

      • Ali Shariat, Director - Coconut Merchant

      Panel discussion:

      • Simone Pisu, CEO - Sustainable Fishery Trade
      • Cristina Bortes, Director - PwC and Business Innovation Facility
      • Padmini Ranganathan, Global Vice President, Products and Innovation for Supplier Risk, Compliance and Sustainability Solutions - SAP
      • Ron Hartman, Director, Global Engagement, Partnership, and Resource Mobilization - IFAD

      Moderated by Brittany Lane, Senior Director of Media - Unreasonable Group

    • 11:20 – 12:40 | Track 2 | Auditorium Delivering Value Through Thoughtful Impact Management: Stories and Insights from The Frontline

      Inclusive businesses increasingly believe in the importance of understanding their impact on people and the planet to be able to drive value. Most companies, however, continue to find it challenging to integrate impact measurement as a regular management practice. Even those that are willing to commit to impact management often find the exercise to be complex, cumbersome and costly.

      The Business Call to Action is working with 25 member companies to demonstrate that regular, timely, sustained impact management can be used to improve output, grow business value, and deliver long-term goals. This session invites experts in the field of impact measurement and management to share with the participating companies of the Impact Champions Programme the latest knowledge, trends and solutions from across the world. It will also spotlight the journey, motivation, and stories of two Impact Champions as examples from the field.

      Spotlight presentation:

      • Marcela Arango, Sustainability Projects - Crepes and Waffles
      • Camilo Gonzalez, Public Affairs and Patient Advocacy Diabetes Manager - Sanofi

      Panel discussion:

      • Sasha Dichter, Co-Founder - 60 Decibels
      • Caroline Ashley, Head of Economic Justice - Oxfam
      • Pritha Dutt, Director - Empower Pragati Vocational Training Center
      • Juliette Lampoh-Agroh, Founder - Northern Ghana Shea

      Moderated by Karim Harji, Programme Director - Oxford Impact Management Programme, Said Business School, Oxford University

    • 11:20 – 12:40 | Track 3 Hosted by the Unreasonable Group | Murase Room Unreasonable Solutions to the world's most challenging problems

      This interactive discussion will highlight three entrepreneurs leveraging market-based solutions to achieve the SDGs. Hear about their solutions, their paths to scale, and help support their growth through partnerships.

      • Ian Rosenberger, CEO - Thread International
      • Nicole Van Der Tuin, CEO - First Access

      Moderated by Shankari Mylvagnam, Director of Strategy and Global Partnerships - Unreasonable Group

    • 12:40 - 13:30 Networking Lunch
    • 13:30 - 14:50 | Track 1 | Auditorium Climate Change and Inclusive Business: Understanding Climate Risks, Building Coalitions and Investing in Climate Action.

      Business leaders have a key role to play in addressing climate change by pursuing business opportunities, advocating for effective public policies, and investing in climate action with their own approaches. Inclusive businesses are increasingly mobilizing green investment, promoting green private sector development, and harnessing skills and knowledge for addressing climate change across the world.

      This panel will explore the business benefits of addressing environmental issues but also the barriers to private sector engagement on environmental issues and how businesses are engaging with a diverse array of stakeholders to drive effective climate action and build climate coalitions.

      Spotlight presentation:

      • Teresa Law, Co-Founder & CFO - Mountain Hazelnuts
      • Wilma Rodrigues, Founder and CEO - Saahas Zero Waste

      Panel discussion:

      • Teresa Law, Co-Founder & CFO - Mountain Hazelnuts
      • Wilma Rodrigues, Founder and CEO - Saahas Zero Waste
      • Cassie Flynn, Global Climate Change Advisor - UNDP
      • Karol Gobczynski, Head of Climate and Energy, Ingka Group - IKEA

      Moderated by Rabayl Mirza, Impact Lead - Business Call to Action

    • 13:30 - 14:50 | Track 2 | Murase Room Doing Business Differently: Empowering Women through Inclusive Business

      By imparting the voices of companies and industry experts, BCtA aims to recognise and share inclusive business efforts, learnings and success stories of women’s empowerment and build on evidence that it makes “business sense” for companies to address gender inequality while pursuing inclusive growth strategies. Evidence shows that empowering women economically not only promotes their wellbeing, but also drives broader growth, financial performance and long-term business resilience. Including women in core business decisions and operations can also ensure stable and efficient supply chains, develops and retains a more diverse pool of talent and enables businesses to reach new consumer segments. Looking through the lens of inclusive business, panelists will discuss how companies benefit from engaging low-income women in their operations as employees, suppliers or customers as well as what obstacles companies face when trying to integrate low-income women in their business models.

      Spotlight presentations:

      • Caroline Ashley, Head Economic Justice – Oxfam
      • Paloma Schackert, COO – Ethical Apparel

      Panel discussion:

      • Ting Shih, CEO - ClickMedix
      • Ricardo Oteros Sánchez-Pozuelo, CEO & General Manager - Supracafé
      • Randi Davis, Director – UNDP Gender Team
      • Ömer Barbaros Yiş, Chief Marketing Officer - Turkcell

      Moderated by Alex Ossola, Deputy Special Projects Editor at Quartz

    • 13:30 - 14:50 - Track 3 - Hosted by Endeva – Sky Room Inclusive innovation: How tech companies can help create inclusive and future-fit systems

      Now is a time of unprecedented opportunity – and risk. New technologies enable us to do things faster, better, cheaper. These technologies can play a pivotal role realising high-impact, highly scalable solutions to achieve the SDGs.

      However, for technology to achieve this promise a systemic approach is needed that engages a range of stakeholders to collaborate and co-create the systems of the future we desire. In this session, participants will work on systems change opportunities with featured technology-driven companies.

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    Japan Society - 333 E 47th St, New York, NY